Wedding stationery to suit all tastes and budgets . . .

Welcome! We are the Wedding Scribblers, and we take great pride in producing a great range of wedding stationery that has something for everyone. Whether you want delicate lasercut folders, or small simple invites, we have what you’re looking for.

After many years of providing couples with stationery that always gets a great reaction, we have plenty of handy hints and advice, aswell as practical tools and templates, that will make getting your stationery organised as painless as possible.

Follow the links below and explore our many styles and formats, and remember we can design something bespoke for you if you can’t find a template that fits. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll be able to do something for you . . . just ask!

How the process works…

1. Place Your Order

Once you’ve decided what you’d like, place your order and we will start making proofs of your stationery

2. Receive Your Invite

No more than 3 weeks after placing your order, you’ll receive your invites. Plan to send them out 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

3. Items for the Big Day

About 3 weeks before the wedding send us the info for your massbooks & table plans. That’s plenty of time to get them ready for your big day!

4. Thank You!

Whenever you’re ready, whether it’s a few weeks on several months after the wedding, send us the photos for your thank you cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you can’t find a template design that suits you, we can create a unique design for you for a small one off fee.
We usually say from the time you pay your deposit to the time you have the invitations ready to go is 3 weeks. This is comfortable, and allows for some fine tuning of the layouts before printing. We can do it quicker if necessary, and if you are able to respond quickly too!
Yes. We include good quality white envelopes with all invitations and thank you cards as required.
Usually it is between 6-8 weeks before the wedding. If you are getting during the Christmas holidays though, we’d suggest adding a couple of weeks to that in case people are making plans to travel. Also, if you are getting married abroad you may want to give guests even longer, but in that case you might consider a save the date card well in advance.
Like everything else about your special day, that’s entirely up to you. Some people get only enough for the main party, and others will order one for everyone (very rarely!). What is by far the most common choice however is one between two. If you have a particularly large wedding though (over 200 guests) the it might be slightly less.
Unfortunately not. Our standard packages include printed invitations as shown on the packages page of our website. However, if you build your own package including lasercut invitations, you will get a discount based on the scale of your order anyway.
That’s no problem. Once we have you set up on our system, we can always print some extras for you if they are needed. We do ask though that you try to do one batch of extras if possible rather than ordering in dribs and drabs!
Usually we would be starting to do mass books, table plans and anything else for the day itself about 3 weeks before the wedding. By then you will have met the priest and agreed your song choices and readings. If you need help with getting the text together, we have a word document you can download from the mass books page of our website that will help!