Here at the Wedding Scribblers we love nothing more than spring weddings, what better time to start your new life as a married couple than tying the knot in the season of fresh starts? With this wonderful spring weather we’re currently experiencing, we decided to add a little bit of spring to our blog with our very own list of reasons why we love the season so very much.

Longer Days
After the clocks change, and the weight of the long winter nights has lifted, you can look forward to the prospect of longer, softer light for your wedding portraits and group shots. This lovely stretch in the daylight hours also means your guests can enjoy some outdoor time before the evening meal.

The Symbolic Meaning of Spring
Spring is a time synonymous with new starts. Flowers are returning to bloom after a long winter, animals and their young dot the countryside, and luscious green buds are appearing on the trees. Spring weddings symbolise a new beginning and a bright future.
 spring-weddings2 Peonies
These most sought after wedding flowers come into bloom in the late spring months and are a wonderful addition to any floral arrangement. The beautiful large blooms make striking bouquets without the need for any additional flowers

Long Weekends
The wonderful advantage to planning spring weddings is that you get to plan your big day around some of the well-placed bank holiday weekends.  St. Patricks Day and the Easter Bank holidays are an ideal time to schedule a relaxing long wedding weekend. A bank holiday weekend wedding is perfect for couples who have family travelling long distances, or for those who would like to take a few days either side to relax with guests. Plus, the Easter Holidays are ideal for guests who have children that would otherwise be at school.

Outfit Options
The brighter weather and change of season offers couples more options for their wedding outfits. If you’re hoping to find a different outfit for your big day, choosing a spring date will give you the option of a lightweight suit or a tea-length dress, both of which are perfect if you are looking to add a touch of vintage glamour to your wedding outfit.

Pastels and spring go hand in hand and for those of you who are dreaming of a romantic, vintage themed wedding accentuated by a soft palette of pastels, setting your date in spring will give you the perfect backdrop.

With the onset of spring, comes the growth of some of our favourite bouquet blooms. Costs are relatively low for spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils and peonies and we love nothing more than seeing brides and bridesmaids walk down the isle with blooms that are homegrown. Keep in mind that the temperate climate in spring will also keep your bouquet looking fresh from morning until night.

spring-weddings3The Great Outdoors
Although typically the Irish springtime can be rife with showers, this is the time of year that many open-air venues will start their wedding season. If you are looking for something a bit different, scheduling a spring wedding will widen your options.

Glamorous Guests
A spring wedding date can be kind to your guests too. Perfectly positioned between the heavy winter season and sometimes-unpredictable summer, your female guests will thank you for giving them the pick of fabulous florals and bright new styles.

Guest Availability
Choosing a spring wedding date can let you enjoy some of the advantages of a summer wedding; milder weather, extended daylight hours and fresh colourful styling options. Some of the advantages the spring wedding has over the summer wedding are that you won’t be competing for dates that are highly sought after and it is unlikely that any of your guests will be on holidays at this time.