Invites and thank you cards that come to life, with either video or a slideshow embedded in them!

It looks like a Harry Potter newspaper, but it’s not really magic, just a fresh way to share with your wedding guests.

For the outgoing among you, all you need to do is film yourselves either delivering an invitation or a thank you message and we can embed that on to your card. Your guests will see a message with instructions on the back of the card, giving them a unique code to see the content through a special app for their phone or tablet.

If making movies isn’t really your thing, you can get the same wow from a slideshow of pics with some music in the background. This one works best on a thank you card, and all we need are some photos from your special day and we can do the rest.

Have a look at the video and give us a call if you’re interested in making your special day come to life!